Mt. Elon Musk also addressed Gox's Bitcoin (BTC) crisis: Mt. What's With The Gox?

Elon Musk, Mt. He tweeted about Gox.


Mt. Gox may be at the top of events and cryptocurrency exchanges that many Bitcoin (BTC) investors can't forget. Once the world's largest Bitcoin exchange, Mt. The end of Gox also came with the world's biggest Bitcoin attack. Launched in 2010 by Jed McCaleb, whom XRP investors know intimately, Mt. The Gox exchange was a success in a short time.

Mt. What Happened To The Gox Exchange?

Mt. Gox later exited the hands of Jed McCaleb and was acquired by French developer Mark Karpeles in 2011. Karpeles has made the stock market the most used Bitcoin platform in the world, especially in the first 2 years by doing incredible work. But according to some, the stock market went bankrupt as a result of an insider incident and, according to some, a clear attack.

Mt. Gox ceased trading in February 2014 and suspended withdrawals well ahead of that. Having filed for bankruptcy protection against its investors, Mt. Gox explained the bitter truth soon after. 850,000 bitcoins, that is, Mt, which has lost $ 39.5 billion as of now. Gox still couldn't pay off his debt.

$ 39 Billion Loss Catches Elon Musk's Eye

The bulk of the Bitcoin exchange's funds are known to be owned by customers, and Mt. Gox was sentenced by the court to pay some of these. He later announced that he had” suspiciously " found 200,000 BTC at one time. Gox said it would give them to customers who have lost funds during the rehabilitation process. This process has not started, and 200,000 BTC is still Mt. It's on the Gox exchange.

Elon Musk, on the other hand, made a humorous post about it on Twitter. Musk, using Chuck Norris, who became famous for accomplishing impossible jobs in his films and has been a part of popular culture, said only his Mt. He hinted that he could withdraw Bitcoin from Gox. Musk's statement is in fact that he and Mt. It shows that he knew about Gox and criticized it tragicomically.

Elon Musk today also criticized the cryptocurrency wallet, showing that it is actually slowly beginning to dominate the cryptocurrency sector. Instead of Musk's one-word tweets focused only on Bitcoin or Doge, these can be seen as a positive development.

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