For the first time in the world, chops were produced using a bio 3D printer

For the first time in the world, chops were produced using a bio 3D printer


Israeli company Aleph Farms managed to produce chops from animal cells using their own 3D bio-printing technology. Aiming to minimize animal cuts, the company stated that the taste of the meat produced is the same as the meat sold in grocery stores.

During the Coronavirus outbreak, demand for protein-derived foods began to increase, and many food companies began to focus on alternative foods. During this period, when almost anything could be produced with 3D printers, for the first time a company called NovaMeat began to produce meat from a 3D printer using only vegetable sources.

A new move into 3D meat production came from Aleph Farms, an Israeli-based company. Joining forces with biomedical engineers from the Israel Institute of Technology, the company has made use of bio 3D printing technology to produce the world's first 3-D printer boneless chops.

"The meat produced is extremely soft and delicious"

In the process of producing chops, a sample was taken from the tissues contained in the steak part of the cow so that the meat could grow, develop and taste similar. These tissues were transformed into animal cells through incubators in a laboratory setting. The resulting 4 different animal cells were made available for use as ink in a bio 3D printer.

Aleph Farms said of the cutlets produced: "the cutlets have a muscle structure and fat ratio similar to the cows killed and are at least as soft and delicious as the meat you will buy novelties.”


Aleph Farms said that thanks to this technology, they can now produce all kinds of meat, and their meat portfolio in their lab will be expanded. In order for meat to be distributed to supply locations such as grocery stores and butchers, the company must first obtain a legal permit, proving that meat produced with 3D printers does not harm human health. In recent years, the company has managed to produce finely ground meat from a 3D printer using a technique similar to this technology, and while it has stated that the minced meat will take its place on market shelves in a few years, it has not given any date for the chops.

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