Nissan CEO Signals They Can Make Apple Car

Nissan CEO Signals They Can Make Apple Car


It is said that the company that will bring Apple's car project to life could be Nissan. The claim, which was first raised recently, appears to have been supported by some statements made by Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida. An official statement, however, has not been made for the time being.

In our news that we have been sharing with you for some time, we are talking about Apple's car project, which is back on the agenda. In fact, the details of the project, which appeared many years ago but did not come to an official explanation, have now finally come to light. According to information obtained, Apple is designing a car with a fully electric motor and possibly an autonomous structure, and work is being done to determine the lucky company that will produce this car.

The first name raised in relation to Apple's car project was South Korean carmaker Hyundai. But it was later revealed that Kia Motors, a subsidiary of Hyundai, and not Hyundai, would produce this car. However, Apple, which was annoyed by Kia Motors ' statements, said it had cancelled the deal. After all, while Apple was trying to keep the car project a secret, Kia Motors announced that it was in talks with Apple. And now a new name has come forward in this regard.

Nissan could be the company to make Apple's cars

In fact, a few days ago, we heard claims that Nissan and Apple had a meeting. But we did not share this development with you due to lack of resources. Nissan today held a meeting to explain its Quarter-term financial position. CEO Makoto Uchida, speaking at that meeting, made it clear that he had a number of plans, even if he did not confirm that they were in talks with Apple.

According to Uchida's statements, the auto sector is changing a little more every day. The CEO stated that they wanted to be part of this change and that new initiatives should be made. Not content with this, Uchida made important insinuations, saying that they should run the knowledge and competence they have by forming partnerships with companies with good experience.

Apple reportedly interested in Japanese manufacturers

How good Japanese carmakers are in the industry is already known to everyone. Apple is also aware of this situation, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Nissan manufacturers, including at least 6 companies are said to be in negotiations. In this context, Honda and Mazda said they would make no statement on the matter, while Nissan sidestepped the questions raised. Mitsubishi, on the other hand, declared that these rumors were unfounded.

Nissan is one of the most important names in the industry in the field of electric cars. The company successfully marketed its electric motor vehicle, which it named Leaf, and managed to make it the fourth best-selling electric motor vehicle in the world in 2019. The fact that the car, which is being developed by Apple, can be produced by Nissan, will not come as a big surprise to the industry.

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